New Fernco app finds products instantly

New Fernco app finds products instantly

Fernco’s new app finds the correct coupling product easily for their customers. The app was designed for a quick solution when determining which Fernco coupling size should be used in the application.

The Fernco app offers a user-friendly alternative to searching through the catalog or looking through coupling charts to find the appropriate product. Fernco is presenting product information in a simpler way than ever before for customers at every level.

App users can enter brief information about the application and the app’s product selector will populate the correct Fernco couplings to use, as well as more information regarding the product. The user will have the option to enter either outside diameter or nominal pipe information.

To use the Fernco product selector, the user will need to know the following information:

  • Pipe material
  • Outside diameter or nominal diameter for pipe #1 to be connected
  • Outside diameter or nominal diameter for pipe #2 to be connected

Developed to give information to customers quickly, the app’s product selector can be used on any jobsite with or without Wi-Fi. Additionally, users can ‘favorite’ products to return to later when needed.

Additionally, the app offers access to product information, a quick connection to a Fernco Customer Service representative, and information on the Fernco website, such as installation instructions and videos.

The app is available in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil for iPhone and Android smartphones. To download the app, search ‘Fernco’ in the relevant app store. 

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