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Ford Meter Box

Ford Meter Box

 Brass Couplings & Fittings  Meter Pits
 Meter Valves  Meter Setters & Resetters
 Lead Adapters  Couplings
 Meter Couplings & Adapters  Curb Stops & Boxes
 Corporation Stops  Saddles
 Meter Adapters  Repair Sleeves
 Meter Testing Equipment  Pipe Couplings
 Uni-Flanges  Pipe Restraints
 Ford Product Submittals  
Badger Meters & Reading Systems

Badger Meters & Reading Systems

 Disc Meters  Mag Flow Meters
 Turbo Meters  Fire Hydrant Meters
 Compound Meters  Fires Service Meters
 Itron® Radio  Orion®
 Remote & Local Read  BEACON AMR
 ORION Fixed Network  ORION Classic (CE)
 ORION® Migratable (ME)  BEACON AMA
 E-Series Meters  
Endot Industries, Inc.

Endot Industries, Inc.

 Copper ¾ - 2"  Endot Plastic Tubing ¾ - 2"
 4-6" Sewer Pipe  Sewer Pipe Fittings


Other Products

 Meter Gaskets & Seals  Reed Tools
 Aervoe Marking Paint  Backflow Preventions
 Itron Radio  Schonstedt Locating Equipment
 Subsurface Leak Detection  Water Works Tools
 Merit Brass Products  All American Gasket
 General Foundries  


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